Yes, the world needs another website: mine

I have a couple of books on the tips of my fingers. And I have at least seven friends who have said they would buy them. Recipe for success.

My daughter Regan Kirk, the aspiring writer with an agent, said I need to do a blog and create a following. Since she has an agent, she should know what she’s talking about, right?

I started looking up blog options like WordPress, which is what Regan (“I have an agent”) uses, and dipping my toe in the water so to speak. But it seemed odd to me to just start writing out-of-the-blue in a universe that’s flooded with one-trick voices and opinions.

What do I have that’s different? Substantive content: columns I wrote as President and Publisher of The News-Press, diaries of our travel adventures, terrific photographs. Body of quality work=credibility.

So that led me to create a website: Mei-Mei’s Musings. It features insights to amuse and inspire on topics I’m passionate about: leadership, travel, family, media.

Iguazu Falls from the Argentina side
Travel content includes descriptions and photos such as Iguazu Falls from the Argentina side

I used Wix, which is largely user-friendly, flexible and inexpensive. Which was a little unnerving since my career was built around telling people they needed expert marketers to help them with their digital outreach. (Helpful husband: “Yours doesn’t look like the professional websites.” Thanks dear.)

There are five sections around my passions:

  • Leadership columns, focusing on branding, development and guidance for individual journeys
  • Personal tales, focused on my family’s journey from rural China to the “Golden Mountain” called America
  • Reflections, columns about a variety of topics with life lessons for all
  • Travel highlights and photo galleries
  • This blog, which will offer fresh content
Hodges graduation leadership
Leadership columns feature tips on branding, journeying and defining success

I  spent hours when I should have been studying bridge with Randy working on this project, finding, editing, designing, packaging, reviewing, adjusting, linking, customizing.  Often it was entertaining as I relived moments in time or researched captions for travel photos.

Now comes the part that’s really fun: finding another seven people who are as interested in my musings as I am.

Won’t you join my circle? (Not in a whiny nor pleading tone; a friendly invitational tone.)

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