What do 2015 graduates want to hear?

CallingĀ all college graduates, near graduates or barely graduates:

I’ve been invited to give the commencement address Dec. 12 at Florida Gulf Coast University. It’s a wonderful honor from my friend, FGCU President Wilson Bradshaw, especially since I’m retired from the media business, am not affiliated with anything impressive, and have modest alphabets in my credentials.

news press FGCU-GRAD-GALLERY summer 2015
FGCU graduates from August 2015, courtesy of The News-Press

I’m thinking that most graduates just want to get the day over so they can go drink and celebrate and the speeches are the price to pay. I’m thinking the event is really for the parents and families.

So my question is: what might I say, aside from “the shortest speech in the history of mankind,” that would actually be meaningful, that could make an impact, that would get at least some of the graduates to look up from their smart phones?

Email me your thoughts please! meimeikirk@gmail.com

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