Ireland: Top 10 highlights driving around the Emerald Isle

We nearly circled the Emerald Isle over 16 days, driving 1500 miles through some 1500 wrong-way-roundabouts–or so it seemed. Ireland exceeded our expectations for natural beauty and charm, as well as weather. In July, 2017, it was often overcast but seldom really cold or wet. In fact, our host in Dingle said he was already … More Ireland: Top 10 highlights driving around the Emerald Isle

Magical Machu Picchu and hiking Huayna Picchu

You’ve seen pictures; you’ve studied it; you’ve imagined it. And still, Machu Picchu is a stunning revelation that captivates the heart and soul. Tucked between two mountains some 50 miles from Cusco, this remote “lost city” escaped attention (and destruction) until 1911. Today, over a million visitors a year make the trek to Machu Picchu … More Magical Machu Picchu and hiking Huayna Picchu

China dim sum report

Our China culinary adventure began in the southern region with four dim sum brunches and two dim sum dinners over eight days. When we completed our 30-day odyssey, we had an even 10 dim sums literally under our belts, thanks to my daughter Regan’s avid research. While many meals were memorable in both good ways (Dadong … More China dim sum report

Top 10 China highlights

Our 30-day odyssey across China exceeded our expectations as we hiked, biked, flew, cruised and ate our way across 14 cities from June 20-July 20. Here, in reverse order, are the top 10 of oh-so-many amazing experiences. No. 10: Shanghai Disney’s Pirates of Caribbean ride and Star Wars pavilion Disney’s newest park was just three weeks … More Top 10 China highlights